Johannesburg design agency Stratcom Branding this week announced the selection
of Sharpeville Breweries as their first participant in the Sisonke Design Sprint. " The
initiative, launched on 18 July 2018 coincided with Mandela Day, which offered a
free packaging design makeover to two 100 percent black-owned South African
small medium and macro enterprises (SMME’s) a year.

Sharpeville Breweries, a craft beer distiller hailing from its namesake, Sharpeville
Township in the Vaal Triangle, is the brainchild of brothers Motseki and Lehlohonolo
Majake. And since they grew up in the area, and live and work amongst childhood
friends, coaches, family, teachers and football teammates, they are honoured to
share their beer, as well as the rich history of Sharpeville with the rest of SA.

Founded on an unwavering passion for great beers, they follow the philosophy that
beer, very much like food, is a delicacy that you enjoy because of the sophisticated
and unique characteristics each style of beer yields for each individual palate.

Motseki says, “Beer to us represents an intensely artistic, sophisticated, patient and
scientific process. It is our passion. We also believe in responsible drinking not so
much because of the social ills that come with irresponsible drinking but ours is

rather informed by our passion for the enjoyment of beer. To us, beer is a way of life
– a culture.”

And it was the pair’s passion and innovative spirit that impressed on Stratcom
Branding CEO, Gail Macleod, the need to support SMME’s like Sharpeville
Breweries with services that will accelerate their growth but that very few
manufacturers and distributors that are just starting out, have access to.

“As the founder of an SMME that started in my kitchen, I believe that small
businesses are the ticket for economic recovery, growth and job creation in SA. Yet
an estimated 75% fail – 71% of which fail in the first year.”

“Small businesses worldwide are the largest contributors to a country’s GDP. Firms
with fewer than 250 people create nearly 70% of the world’s jobs. Unfortunately,
according to the the findings of the first baseline study SMME’s, SA is an
international outlier.”

Sharpeville Breweries embodies “local” and their work in the community, providing
safe, clean areas for children to play and the community to get together, stands as
an example to us,” she adds.

Asked why they partnered with Stratcom Branding, Lehlohonolo said, “The craft beer
market is highly competitive and if you are lucky to get your product on the shelves, it
has to stand up and be counted. But smaller and artisanal distillers are being cut out
of the market, because we cannot compete with bigger distributors’ pricing and lower
production costs.

“Stratcom Branding have extensive experience in the alcoholic beverage industry
and have already provided us with invaluable advice about our brand strategy before
we even started. We are excited to see where the partnership will take us.”

Macleod concluded, “It’s important to us that the Sisonke Design Sprint is
sustainable and that we operate as a partnership with the SMME’s we come

alongside instead of stepping in as the “saviour”. We are merely doing what we hope
other SMME’s will do, which is to help others succeed.”

“It would be great to see other businesses in the chain, such as label printers, plate
makers, and distributors even retailers, step into their place in the chain of
successful product and brand development packaging from farm to fork,” she adds.

For more info and to follow the Sisonke Design Sprint, go to their website.
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